Rules for bicycles on board

Bicycles may only be transported if there is sufficient space on the platform, giving priority to the transport of persons, wheelchairs, pushchairs, etc.

The following limitations always apply

Bicycle transport is authorised on all routes from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 16.00 and from 19.00 to 06.00. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays without time restrictions.


LINES 1 / 7 / 311 / 312 / 314 / 315 /316
R70 (Locarno – Camedo) – PE72 / RE73 (Locarno – Domodossola)



LINES 3 / 4

Transport may be denied in the following cases:

  • A high turnout is expected due to rush hour
  • Presence of announced groups on the ride even if they are scheduled to stop later than the requested bicycle boarding time
  • The bicycles are too dirty and may cause excessive soiling of passengers and vehicle
  • The final decision on this is at the discretion of the driver. Please contact the individual company for further information

Recognised transport tickets

  • Half-fare route ticket, 2nd class (recommended for short distances)
  • Day or multi-day bike card (recommended for long routes)
  • Bike pass (recommended for regular cycling trips)

Italian section of the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway (Domodossola – Re)

  • On trains operating national service (Domodossola – Valle Vigezzo) it is possible to transport bicycles (maximum one bicycle per traveller and no longer than 2 metres) if crowding permits.
  • The appropriate ticket must be purchased to transport bicycles, but transport can only be guaranteed if space conditions permit.
  • If the bicycle is transported inside the special bag, transport is free of charge if it can be considered hand luggage or accompanied luggage with an exception for the dimensions, which may be a maximum of 70x110x30 cm. In any case, the transport of bicycles must not cause danger or discomfort to other travellers.
  • In the event that the bicycle causes serious inconvenience or damage to other travellers, the traveller is subject to the payment of a penalty of €8.00 and must, in any case, unload it at the first stop.

Travellers must personally carry out the loading and unloading operations and are responsible for the safekeeping of their own bicycles and for any damage caused to their own and others’ bicycles, to staff and rolling stock and to third parties. Groups of at least 4 persons intending to transport as many bicycles must make an explicit request to the Management at least 7 days in advance of the departure date. Bicycle transport for groups is not permitted without authorisation from the Management. The on-board staff may not allow bicycles to be transported on the train if such transport would jeopardise the train service.

In the event of a missing or irregular bicycle ticket, the same provisions apply as for one-way tickets. The bicycle supplement is non-refundable. SSIF assumes no responsibility for the safekeeping of bicycles loaded onto the train and is not liable for any damage that may be caused to them. SSIF, in the event of an accident attributable to it, pays, at the request of the traveller, € 260.00 per bicycle for destruction. The ticket is never refundable.

Practical, fast and fun. The electric scooter is convenient, but must comply with rules on board.

  • Scooters up to a wheel diameter of 30 cm are carried free of charge even if they are not folded.
  • Scooters from a wheel diameter of 30 cm are considered for all purposes to be bicycles, even if folded.

Failure to purchase a transport ticket for a bicycle is subject to a surcharge of CHF 75.- plus administration costs.
FART accepts no liability for damage caused to third parties or to the bicycles.