A long history on board with you

About us

Our company was born from one great vision: to create a rail link between Locarno and Domodossola and to connect our Canton with the rest of Switzerland via the Simplon. The territory in which we operate extends from Lake Maggiore to the surrounding valleys, crossed by roads and rail tracks that reach even the most remote areas and represent the heart of our business.

Since 1923 we have had many successes and challenges. In an ever-changing market, we have constantly renewed ourselves. We have increased the quality of our offer. We have dedicated ourselves to our infrastructure. We have developed a corporate culture that is increasingly oriented towards the customer and the needs of public and tourist transport.

The future holds new challenges for us. We are preparing for them by investing in our company and our employees. Together we will realise important new projects.

Company title
The FART (regional bus and train services company) is a limited company registered in the commercial register of Canton Ticino.

Share Capital
Nominal capital of CHF 8,494,700 fully paid up, divided into 84,947 registered shares of CHF 100.

Mission Statement
The operation of the narrow gauge railway from Locarno to Camedo according to the federal concession of 23.06.1905; the operation of urban and country bus services according to the concessions obtained from to the Federal Department of transport, communications and energy; the construction and operation of other railways, shipping lines, buses and trolley-buses of which the company was to receive the concession, as well as the operation of railways on behalf of other owners.


Students, workers, tourists, groups, families on holiday. We accompany our passengers to their daily destinations, but we are also able to take them to spectacular places, connecting the cities with the surrounding valleys, with the resorts on Lake Maggiore, with Italy and with the rest of Switzerland.

In an increasingly interconnected and efficient transport system, the integration of our urban, regional and rail lines ensures an increasingly widespread and frequent coverage. A transport network in constant growth and a single mission: to guarantee our passengers the experience of a punctual, comfortable and safe journey.

Regional lines
From the roads that skirt Lake Maggiore and climb the hills surrounding the city of Locarno, to those that plunge into the heart of the Maggia Valley, the Centovalli or connect the urban centres of Locarno and Bellinzona by crossing the Piano di Magadino. The buses on our five regional lines cover 1 million kilometres each year, carrying over 1.6 million passengers.

Urban lines
The buses on our urban lines connect the city of Locarno with Ascona, Losone, Orselina and Tenero. We cover 0.8 million kilometres each year, carrying over 3.3 million passengers.

Thanks to the introduction of dynamic information boards at the main stops, we are able to provide our users with real-time information on the arrival times of our buses.

In 2018, Lonely Planet ranked our railway among the most beautiful in the world. A great recognition that confirms the tourist and landscape value of our railway line. A success born from the cooperation with the Italian transport company, the Società Subalpina di Imprese Ferroviarie (SSIF).

In 2016, the two company brands were merged into a single brand: the Ferrovia Vigezzina-Centovalli. A decision that allowed a shared strategy to be developed.

In an increasingly global and competitive market, we have traced out our way. A way based on innovation, on the use of new technologies, on the creation of a new image, on the renewal of rolling stock and stations and on an increasingly intense collaboration with the regions crossed by our railway line, a line that connects two valleys, two regions, two nations.

50 bridges, 23 tunnels, 20 km of line, 14 stations, 3 depots, 2 workshops, 1 administrative building and 1 residential building. We take care of this heritage on a daily basis, safeguarding the historical and cultural value of the oldest structures while complying with today’s safety standards.

The railway infrastructure sector also ensures preventive checks along the entire line by inspecting rockfall nets, access roads and turnkey points; it also coordinates periodic inspections of bridges, contact line and tunnels.The team is responsible for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, construction work and maintenance of green areas. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the team is responsible for ensuring the regular running of trains. The team, consisting of 9 employees, also ensures the routine maintenance of the administrative and bus line infrastructure.

The railway factory, nestled in the green hills above Ponte Brolla, is the technical heart of our railway. A team of 8 employees guarantees the maintenance and overhaul of the trains, safety systems and electrical installations. The rolling stock is periodically subjected to preventive maintenance that allows us to check the correct functioning of the trains in all their components.

In our factory, we carry out regular overhauls of trains and also carry out repairs in-house. The team also maintains all the safety systems. The electricians employed in the team also maintain the company’s electrical installations.

Recently extended with the creation of a third lane, our garage is still in the heart of Locarno. A team of 14 employees takes care of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of our recently renewed fleet of buses.

From tyre changes to daily refuelling, from inspections to electrical and electronic repairs, from internal maintenance to regular cleaning of the vehicles, right up to small bodywork works. On a daily basis, our garage ensures that each vehicle is ready for its journey on the road, guaranteeing our users safety and comfort.

The garage also coordinates the work of external suppliers, mainly for major bodywork and handcrafted repairs to interior fittings.

Bringing everyone together under one roof. This was the goal that led to the construction of the administrative building in Via Galli, which has been operational since 2011. The modern building houses the general management, the administration, the railway and bus operations management, the technical and procurement department, the revenue, tariffs and statistics department, the finance and marketing department and the information and sales desk. In our headquarters, the Central Bus and Railway Command Centre is also located.

The ticket office is located in the immediate vicinity of our Locarno-Muralto station and the Locarno FFS station. An area where important regional and urban lines converge. Our team offers a consultancy and sales service for tickets and subscriptions, for tourist tickets for the Ferrovia Vigezzina-Centovalli and for numerous combined tourist tickets. A place where users can rely on the help of our staff, six days a week, to find the mobility solution that best suits their needs.

Ensuring punctuality and safety in an environment where everything can be planned but not everything can be predicted is a daily challenge that our control centres face with great commitment and professionalism. The Bus Control Centre is responsible for monitoring vehicle traffic in circulation and intervenes promptly in the event of disruptions. The railway line control centre, located at the FART headquarters in Locarno S. Antonio, on the other hand, guarantees regular traffic along the line, managing any delays and optimising connections with international lines.