Our bus and train fleet

We are constantly investing in the modernisation and maintenance of our bus fleet and trains.

In December 2020, a contract was signed with Stadler for the supply of 8 new trains.

In order to guarantee the new services introduced from the end of December 2020, 36 new buses were purchased.

Based on the study commissioned from SUPSI in 2018 and the pilot project, we will begin our process of converting the entire bus fleet to electric vehicles with the aim of achieving this important goal by 2030.


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Euro 6 with energy recovery system

The new vehicles are Euro 6 diesel-powered and equipped with a braking energy recovery system. Since 13 December 2020, 36 new buses have been in service, including 21 articulated buses and 15 “Midi” type vehicles.
As part of the 2030 strategy for the operation of urban lines, we are also planning to switch to fully electric buses.

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From historic trains to the most modern Centovalli Express trains equipped with free audio guides.


4 trains ABe 4/8 (Serie 45-48) “Centovalli Express”, for international connections Locarno-Domodossola, dating from 1993 and completely renovated in 2011.
Operating on international connections, the Centovalli Express trains offer the following benefits:
More seats: 119 per train (88 in second class, 31 in first class).

More comfort: more space for luggage storage, air conditioning, LED interior lighting, 80% of the train has a low floor.

More services: in 1st class, each seat has a computer socket and an individual reading lamp.

Seat reservations are also available for individual travellers (in both first and second class);

3 trains ABe 4/6 (Serie 52-54) dating from 1993, for regional connections between Locarno and Camedo;

2 electric trains ABDe 6/6 (n.31 “Ticino” and n.32 “Berna”) dating from 1963 for special trips, reinforcement and displace activity for the local and the international lines;

4 wagons, among them A 120 (first class) and B 121-123 (second class) used together with electric trains ABDe 6/6 FART and ABe 8/8 SSIF;

“Tramin” Be 2/2 n.7 (1908), Used by Tranvie Elettriche Locarnesi (TEL);

Diesel tractor used for line maintenance, type Tm 2/2 no. 9.

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