New drivers

The process of selecting and training new staff, in collaboration with the Regional Employment Office and thanks to the Start campaign with FART, enabled us to collect more than 800 applications. Of all the candidates, after a selection process that assessed not only professional skills but also personal attitudes, we chose 61 employees. 50% of the new recruits come from the URC, and 11% of the new drivers will be women.

The candidates, divided into groups, followed a 3-week training plan. A modular course in which all activities directly related to the role of driver were covered: an intensive driving practice programme, aimed also at familiarising them with the routes of all the lines served, was combined with courses on sales system technology, compliance with the values of the code of ethics, managing breakdowns and service disruptions and road safety.

The training also covered topics related to broader company activities not directly linked to driving.

Taking into account new hires and retirements, we now have more than 140 drivers who we have entrusted with the task of ensuring that our passengers experience a punctual, comfortable and safe journey.