Line 620

Locarno – Camedo
Check the timetable valid from 11.09.2022 to 06.11.2022
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No route changes are planned for the railway line between Locarno and Camedo, and the 14 stops on Swiss territory are unchanged compared to 2020. The international line is 52 km long, crosses 2 countries over 83 bridges and through 31 tunnels. Discover a spectacular journey between Switzerland and Italy on the website

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    Regional trains run every hour between Locarno and Camedo.

    Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Italy, international trains currently run with a reduced timetable. The detailed timetable can be viewed and downloaded at

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    Two additional evening runs have been introduced on the Locarno – Intragna – Locarno route, departing at 22:07 and 00:07 (THIS TRAIN IS NOT RUNNING AT THE MOMENT) from Locarno and departing at 22:32 and 00:27 from Intragna.

    ATTENTION: Due to entry restrictions in the Piedmont region, many international trains are cancelled. More information is available at the following link

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    Work in progress

    30.09.2022 Line 620: Waiver of face mask requirement on Italian territory From Saturday, 01.10.2022, the requirement to wear a face mask on board trains on Italian territory will be lifted.
    25.08.2022 Line 620 - San Martino station: closure of west-side pedestrian access The FART management would like to inform customers that preparatory work will soon begin on the project to renovate the security installations and adapt the stations to the Disabled Persons Act. The west-side pedestrian access will be permanently closed during the preparatory work. Users are therefore requested to use either the central pedestrian access or the east side pedestrian access. The FART management apologises for any inconvenience that may result from the work and thanks for your understanding.

    Bicycle transport

    Bicycle transport is permitted on all routes from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 16.00 and from 19.00 to 06.00. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays without time restrictions.

    of interchange

    Interchange nodes are points where several bus lines converge or where there is also a railway stop, offering the possibility of changing means of transport. The interchange nodes between regional railway trains and bus lines are at the stations of S. Antonio (e.g. Line 7 and 315), Solduno (e.g. Line 314 and 315), Ponte Brolla (Line 315) and Intragna (Line 324).

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